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The Art of Happiness

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The feeling of happiness is one factor that can completely transform your life. Contrary to the popular belief that happiness is elusive, it is in fact found in abundance everywhere around us. However, since we associate happiness with the wrong people and things, we often miss out on the real thing. Also, happiness emerges from within and hence people who seek happiness outside, it seems to elude them.

How to be in a permanent state of happiness

Before learning any techniques to master the art of constant happiness, you must have a strong intent to want to be happy. Intent is a thought that is generated in your mind. Our thoughts create corresponding energies that govern our feelings.

Happiness is not always about finding. Many times happiness can be in accepting, sharing and giving. Although we are the most evolved beings on the planet, we are not omnipotent. There are many things beyond our control and awareness, which may not be pleasant. We must learn to accept things we can’t change. Acceptance is a coping mechanism. Acceptance will bring you peace of mind, so that you can concentrate on being happy again.

Sharing and giving has been scientifically proved to make people happy. Sharing your issues with a confidante will relieve the stress and sharing your happy moments will augment the feeling.  Giving or helping makes us feel better about ourselves. Giving doesn’t only have to do with material giving. There are many other ways of contributing like volunteering your time, sharing your skills, etc. The selfless act of giving takes away the focus on pleasing ourselves and relieve us of unnecessary desires and expectations. It sets you on the path of spiritual existence, which is more meaningful and hence satisfying. Being content is a key to happiness.

Laughter is the best medicine

Laughing not only improves our moods, but it also helps in improving blood circulation, boosting our immune system, lowering blood sugar levels, reducing stress levels and relaxes our body and mind.

Laughter will come effortlessly to you once you start to take yourself less seriously. Instead of always being very hard on yourself and circumstances, try to laugh at them. Laughing will make it easier to deal with problems. Developing a sense of humor will elevate you to higher level of existence, from where the same issues in life will appear much smaller and hence easily manageable.

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