You are your best protector and healer

Taking care of your mental health

You are your best protector and healer


Unlike a doctor or any other medical practitioner, who temporarily takes control of your health during sickness, a health coach encourages preventive health care by helping you take control of your health.

The healer in you
Human form is much more than just the physical body. The thoughts in our minds drive our physical body. Hence, illness of the body is not just a physical condition. A holistic approach, including the body and mind, alone can cure or even prevent us from illness.
Our mind is a very powerful thing. Our reality is not what is happening to us in the physical world but actually what our minds conceive of what we experience both physically and emotionally. Thus, instead of concentrating on our physical health only, we should also pay good attention to our minds. The mind-body connection is your greatest healing power.
How does the mind help in our healing process?
Brain is the physical organ with several billion cells that processes the thoughts in our mind. The power of the brain is its ability to adapt. Your brain fulfills your mind’s sincere desires. The brain and mind relation is similar to computer hardware and software. Both are required to process information. Any thought or emotion that originates in your mind is immediately translated by your brain. The brain then instructs your body to adapt itself to the particular thought or emotion. Hence, a positive mind that constantly desires a healthy body will make your brain to act upon it. Research in molecular biology has proved that the intention and emotions in our thoughts can actually affect our health. For example, it has been found that our mood can affect our metabolism.

Therefore, even before you start to look for ways to heal, you must first make your mind aware of your intention to heal. If your desire to heal quickly and completely is very strong, the other healing aids will work much faster. And if your intention is to stay disease free, your body will automatically boost your immune system.


A health coach can help you develop that strong will to fight a disease or to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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