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The Art of Happiness

Strengthening Willpower


Our brain acts on the messages we create in our mind. While a negative message of hopelessness will create negative energy in us, positive messages will similarly create positive energy. So if you are being optimistic about achieving a goal, your body and mind will be prepared to take on the challenge.


What is willpower?

Willpower is that invisible force that constantly pushes you towards your goals. It is also popularly referred to as determination, conviction, drive, self-control, etc. Psychologists define willpower as:

  • Self-control
  • The ability to say no to temptations
  • The ability to solely focus on a goal
  • The ability to make a long-term commitment
  • Not being impulsive


How to strengthen willpower?

  • Imagination – Imagination is the most powerful tool to empower our will. Our body and mind reacts to our desires. If you imagine yourself soaking up the sun lying on a beach, your body will automatically feel relaxed. On the other hand, if you worry about not meeting your project deadlines, you will feel tensed. Similarly, if you imagine yourself as a determined person who is ready to take on a challenge, you will feel and act like one.
  • Let go of distracting thoughts – If, but, maybe, later are some of the many thoughts that come in the way of willpower development. Be positive and assertive all the time. Not all doubts are irrational and may help you prepare better for the journey to your goal. Address them and they will automatically fade away.
  • Learn to deal with stress – Excessive stress can instantly bring you down. Learn to cope with stress without losing yourself.
  • Self-confidence – Believing in your own abilities will give a great boost to your will.
  • Avoid temptations – If are not yet ready to control temptations, avoid them till you are.


An external source of motivation can help immensely

Sometimes, maybe due to our past experiences, self-doubts, lack of support, or other reasons, it becomes difficult to feel positive and develop will power to achieve the smallest of goals. In such situations, a mentor or a guide can help you rise above your self-doubts. A life coach is trained to provide such support and guidance to people, who are struggling to develop or strengthen their will power.


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